About Us
Starta Capital was established as an Investment Company in 2011 in Moscow by Alexey Girin. In 2013, Starta Capital VC Fund was formed together with Liudmila Golubkova. In 2014, Starta Capital  VC Fund went global and later in 2015 added an acceleration program in NYC. 
Starta Capital Investment Differentiators: 
·       Focuses on liquidity from initial consideration of an investment, identifying potential acquirers as well as their potential acquisition. 
·       We invest in early stage technological innovations with global adaptable business models. 
·       We have a proven method to select strong, motivated teams with leadership capacity in the CIS and US.
2-stage accelerator program: 
Stage 1: in Moscow 
·       Development of roadmap, KPI.
·       Legal support and asset consolidation. 
·       Strategizing of intellectual property rights protection.
Stage 2: in NYC 
·       US Boarding and Adaptation to get additional funding. 
·       Education and business development to gain traction in US market. 
·       Mentor and investor connection.


National Association of Business-Angels Award 2014  
Winner: “Best Newcomer to NABA” 
National Venture Industry Award 2014
Nominee: “Seed Fund of the Year” 
Russian Venture Capital Association 2015
Winner of “Breakthrough of the Year”